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1. What is the top speed for this motorcycle?
The top Speed for this motorcycle is 130-140kmph

2. What is the mileage for FZ?
Up to 500km on a tank full with speed 60-90kmph and maintaining the rpm at 5000-6000.

3. What is advisable crusing speed and how is the mileage?
Suggested cruising speed is 110-120kmph and the mileage estimated at 400-420km.

4. Is the maintenance expensive?
The maintainence is affordable.

5. But this motorcycle is using Fuel Injection.
You do not need to service the fuel injection each time you service your motorcycle.

6. How much does the Fuel Injection cost if it's faulty.

7. What  ^^^ expensive!!!
You only changed it if it is broken. Even normal carb wil cost RM200+ or more.

8. My Honda Cbr 150/ Suzuki FXR150/Belang150 is faster than this motorcycle, why \/?[/b][/u]
The Honda Cbr 150 and Suzuki FXR150 is a Super Sport Bike, while Belang150 is a moped bike, all tune for speed, FZ is tuned for fuel efficiency and its a naked bike..

9. My Yamaha LC 135 is faster than this motorcycle, why \/?
The LC is lighter and more aerodynamic than the FZ.

10. If FZ is slower than a moped motorcycle, why should i buy it [-(?
Speed is not the main point for FZ, it's built for fuel efficiency with reasonable speed.

11. My moped bike is also fuel efficient!
It may be so, but you need to fill it often if you are travelling long distance.

12. Is there any modification to improve the performance?:-?
It's to much now, it was very rare in 2009. To many to list. Please
SEARCH the forum for answer.

13. The FZ look like old and ugly. [-(
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

14. Is there any assessories available? 8->
Its to much now, it was very rare in 2009. To many to list. Please
SEARCH the forum for answer.

[u][b]15. Is there any group for this motorcycle?[/b][/u] \m/
Its to much now, it was very rare in 2009. To many to list.There are
now so many FZ group in FB, we have CREW, FOG and etc. Choose
any one you prefer.  :-bd

16. What are the differences between the FZ around the world? 8-}
India FZ, naked version and fairing version. Both have 6th gear
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philipine, naked and have 5 gear

17. Will variant of FZ India be available in Malaysia?:-??
Same question asked to Yamaha Malaysia, no comments.

18. How do you know all this info? :">
I am a proud owner of black FZ maa.

19. Huh my bike can cruise at 110-120kmph!! 88)
Good for you, maybe we can test your milleage at that speed.

20. Are you planning to change your bike? :p
Good question, but why change if mine already look like a superbike?
Although not as fast, who cares as long as I, ME and MYSELF LIKE it.

[b]Fyi. utk mengelakkan kecelaruan mendapat info,
hanya post2 berinfomasi akan dikekalkan, info selain dari itu
akan didelete. Harap beri kerjasama, anda dulu pun newbie kan
dan anda juga pernah merasa susah mendapat info, jadi
jgn lah susahkan org lain.[/b]
Kamil Zainuri
very goood.... heheheheheh :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd
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